Any attack on the words of these pages (and links) herein, whether it be directly or indirectly, by those whom these words speak of or by their agents or any instrument of theirs, will receive a thousand times what they gave to others, and the plagues and miseries they unleashed upon others, will abound in them.

warning to the sinners

Now is the time to reveal that which has been concealed for a long, long time; to unveil those who have manipulated & staged world events and have deceived the world since the beginning; their entire being is a fraud.


They think they are all powerful and exalt themselves over God and all of creation. They are murderers, liars and thieves; and they want to destroy the earth and mankind. Now it is time to destroy the destroyers, the ones who were disinherited 2000 years ago. They are the ones who oppose and hate the Lord our God from the beginning. They are anti-Christ for they hate and reject His Christ.

gods vengeance will be great

Prepare to advance on their positions, their fortresses, safe places, and fronts. Some will cooperate, others will be in defiance, for it is written:

Those who are to be killed by the sword will be killed by the sword, Those who are to go into captivity will go into captivity.



Do unto them as they have done to others! Break open their strongholds!  

Plunder their wealth, assets, their stockpiles of gold and silver, real estate, property! All the debt owed them is null and void, for the debt is a fraud and the creditors are a parasite on mankind.


how it shall be done

All who serve and served in uniform and all citizens honor your oath to Him, spoken through His servants in the Constitution. Oust them from their lofty perches, their self-appointed positions, government positions (BOTH PARTIES), the generals, from the high to the low ranking traitors, their clergy, corporate, science/history experts, and all among us who plot to destroy this nation!


The number of the mounted troops is 200 million, the vast majority of the population of the U.S. Their authority is self-appointed, obtained through fraud,  murder, lies and theft. Our authority comes from the Living God, the Creator -- the ONLY authority!